Ahamkara is the Sanskrit term used to name Ego. Sometimes, it can be used as a definition of the self. However, this similarity can lead us to some behaviours not good for us in the long term.

Each person, owns its Essential Self, Atman. Atman is the essence, the nature, it is unique and unrepeatable. On the one hand, Ahamkara, is the part of the self where all desires start and because of that, is the origin of all frustrations. Far from what it seems, ego comes from insecurities and deficiencies of the self; it comes from comparison, success yearning and the need of recognition. On the other hand, when someone lives from Atman, it comes a different approach. You work your objectives from internal goals, with no competition, nor comparison and because of that, success and recognition will be a consequence and not a goal.

It is probable, that by this time of the reading, you are thinking… so what?

Let me tell you that when you understand this, you feel automatically relaxed. Frustration disappears, because from this new point of view, you always make progress and because, to sum up, your life becomes calmer and happier.

In all this process, key word is ADJUSTMENT.

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I will give you some daily life examples, where this damn Ahamkara appears in a hidden way!

You are in your Yoga class, and your instructor suggest an Asana. One that you find difficult to achieve. You keep an eye on the mat mate next to you, and he is doing it perfectly! And with a smile in his face! It seems he is making no effort (he is making effort, I am sure). How do we react? We force the position with all our strength to achieve… there is Ahamkara! What do we get from this? First of all, a possible damage or lesion. Furthermore, we lose the goal of the Asana. The main objective of every Asana is to generate an energy movement and a consciousness state of calm mind. If we are shaking as rattles, is hard to achieve a calm mind…

Another example. You are a runner (amateur, as I am) and you are training for a race. You have your training plan made by a professional. As you are a hardworking guy, you don’t do your days off training and get over trained. Bingo! There is Ahamkara one more time! Resting time is as important as training time, but sometimes it is hard to stop that voice in your head that says ‘you won’t do it’

And why do we react like that? It is usually because we are afraid of failure. Because we don’t want to assume that we are not sure about our own success, and because we don’t allow us to fail in front of others and what is worse, in front of ourselves.

So, let’s enjoy the trip, let’s be thankful no matter what the result is. Anyway, there will be something to learn and that, itself, is a victory.



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