Bio: Why and Where?

Something good has to have bio-foodies if, according to the latest study Characterization of the Spanish Organic Production of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) consumption of this type of food has grown by 24.5% in only one year. This research argues that the fundamental reason is health and it seems that large commercial areas like Carrefour have been confident in that belief because the commercial giant has already opened its first organic supermarket in Madrid. We became organic lovers a long time ago and that is why we have prepared for you a list of our favorite restaurants in the city of Barcelona.

Before presenting our proposals we wanted to share with you an interesting discovery. It turns out that while we were preparing this post, we had a doubt. Is the same ECO, organic or bio? You will see; according to the Foundation of Urgent Spanish (FUNDEU), although these terms are used as synonyms, there are times when they are not entirely because the ecological is what does not damage the environment and for this, it is necessary that it be something biological or organic. As for biological and organic, they always work as synonyms, with the meaning of ‘without chemicals’.

Once we have clarified the concept we want to reveal to you the secret of this article. Ready to meet our favorite eco/bio / organic restaurants?

  • Flax and Kale: could not be otherwise. The new restaurant Flax and Kale, located in Carrer dels Tallers, tops our list. It is a Flexitarian restaurant with options for raw meat and bluefish where we can eat healthily at a reasonable price. They also have vegetable juices and they are awesome.
Flax & Kale restaurant (pic from Pinterest)
  • Woki Organic Market: market and restaurant. All in one. Basically, if you like what you have eaten, you can go to the supermarket next door, whose owners are the same, and buy all the organic ingredients you need to prepare the dish at home. They have breakfast, snacks, woks, pizzas, salads and take away service. It is in Plaça Catalunya and the decor is great.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-03 a las 13.37.02
Woki Organic Market Restaurant and Supermarket (pic from official website)
  • Fit Kitchen Bar: It is placed in Carrer de Londres, 91. It’s great for lunchtime. They have a chicken with zucchini sauce that we want to learn to prepare. They also offer brunch, breakfast, and fresh detox juices.
Captura de pantalla 2017-10-03 a las 11.51.31
Fit Kitchen Bar Restaurant (pic from Pinterest)

The website In and out Barcelona offers a lot of healthy ideas to go out to eat without feeling guilty. Is there anything more rewarding?

Although in general there is no study that proves the benefits of organic food compared it to normal food, it has been proved that the former has much lower pesticides and pesticides, which if repeatedly consumed can harm our health. In addition, according to a Forbes magazine article, organic milk, for example, have more healthy fats and it is healthy because of its lack of synthetic hormones. To make matters better, many eco foods have less heavy metal and more antioxidants. Although the benefits of this type of food are not demonstrated, we are already addicted.

Elisa García Faya

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