A ‘crazy’ girl with a hoop

“Intuition told me that I had to practice yoga while I was on the climbing wall one day,” says María Langenheim, a psychologist, yoga teacher, and creator of Sukha Wheel, a yoga wheel that helps us improve our technique alone at home or helped by an instructor.

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María and her relationship with yoga

“They call me the crazy woman of the hoops,” she says. This self-taught yogi realized at a turning point in her career that she needed to lead a fuller and more conscious life. “I started alone with a book and I realized that I was very far from myself,” she says. “Yoga connects me with my true self,” she adds.

María calls herself in the social networks “Flow Soul Yoga” and asked for the reason of her nickname she says that when she was starting her yoga practice, her “teacher” told her that she was “very flow”. “I realized that my soul was flowing. Connecting with myself. Like Vinyasa in yoga,” she says.

Fotógrafa: LELLE PINON / IG: @lellephotography /FB: lellephotography

Her ally: Sukha Wheel

She later traveled to the United States and discovered the Shukawheel, a wheel that allows us to open our chest and shoulders and work in a very controlled balance, strength and flexibility. The importation was very expensive so she decided to make these hoops by herself. She promises that it is a very versatile support for beginners and also for advanced yoguis. It is an instrument that facilitates asana, and sukha means happiness or well-being.

Fotógrafa: LELLE PINON / IG: @lellephotography /FB: lellephotography

Where do we get the Sukha Wheel and how do we learn to use it?

Langenheim has tutorials on his YouTube channel and organizes face-to-face workshops mainly in Madrid but she is considering organizing some of them outside the capital, where she lives. We can buy the wheel on her website www.flowlsoulyoga.com/talleres as well as see the next master classes dates and times. “The last workshop was in December and the next one will be in February,” she confirms. In addition, María is preparing workshops for the whole day. Her objective is to offer the customer a very personalized service. If you want more information you can send her an email to info@sukhawheel.com.

María encourages everyone to interrupt for a while the stress routine in which we are involved to spend an hour practicing yoga and she insists on the magnitude of its benefits. We take her advice to heart and join her in her encouragement to, as we always say, find a slot for ourselves in our busy schedule.

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