Detox Moment: Why does everybody talk abot Chlorella?

After the holidays we all need a reset. As in Believe Athletics we bet for a lifestyle and we always seek to encourage you to take care of yourself today more than yesterday, we are going to talk you about a component that will, with no doubt, help you to overcome the January slope. That component is named chlorella.


It is a unicellular Asian seaweed that contains all the nutrients necessary for life. It is therefore a complete food known for its ability to eliminate toxins and metals from our body. For these reasons we can say that it belongs to the group of those ingredients known as superfoods.

How is chlorella consumed?

You can buy it in powder or capsules. It has a taste that not everybody likes, so there are many people who prefer to consume it in pills. If you want to try to take it in powder, because its effect is faster in this way, we recommend you that you mix it with some intense flavour tea such as the orange one from Twinings brand.

Put a sprig of mint and a little bit of stevia. You might already know that it is always better to use this natural sweetener in leaves. If you do not find it like this, add it preferably in powder because the liquid version usually carries more percentage of artificial sweeteners than stevia itself.


Where do I buy it?

You can find the chlorella in some supermarkets such as Alcampo, Carrefour... They have it in packets like the one we are showing in the picture and it is mixed with spirulina, which is another seaweed, known to serve as a nutritional supplement to the astronauts of the NASA, which contains many proteins and minerals.

Of course, you can find them both in your nearest herbalist. We encourage you to dare to taste it in powder before taking it in capsules. If you dolike it you will always have the second option.

Elisa GarcĂ­a Faya, Believe Athletics


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