Eco Black Friday: our favourite healthy shops

You know very well that when January arrives you always want to take care of yourself. Why don’t you enjoy then all the Black Friday discounts available in our favourite healthy stores? There are many products such as food supplements or seeds that take a long time to expire. That’s why we want to encourage you to take advantage of these dates to get all of them at the best price.

We have prepared a list of stores specialized in organic and natural products that have e-commerce service and that will celebrate this black Friday with offers that we are not going to miss.

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  1. Planeta Huerto: it is an online store where you will find a lot of organic products (even to make your garden at home) as well as natural cosmetics and supplementation. Here, from Thursday November 23 until Monday 27 you can find great discounts on Eco Supermarket products. In addition, you can already enjoy some offers on the best selling items and the Flash Offers that they have (only available for 24 hours).
  2. Herbolario bio: this opportunity we do not want to miss. From yesterday, November 20, until the 27th we will be able to enjoy up to a 70 percent discount on a selection of products! In addition, if you subscribe like us to the form of this herbalist you can get exclusive discount coupons for HBadictos. This store is great because it has a lot of creams and super natural cosmetics products. You also need to have a look at its accessories section. They have watches or sunglasses made of wood that can be used to make a super original Christmas gift.
  3. Cosbioethic: if you are looking for certified organic cosmetic products, this is the web you have to go visit. Cosbioethic will celebrate Black Friday by offering its customers, as they did in previous years, a 10 percent of discount on a selection of products. The ones we like the most? Undoubtedly those of the Propolis Line, because this is an antiseptic and healing ingredient that bees obtain from the resin of trees and that has been used for a long time to treat labial infections, sore throats and wounds on our skin. In winter, when our skin dries out in the cold, using components of this type can be very positive.
  4. Ecospain: although within this website, the Fitness section is our favorite, it is true that now that Christmas is finally coming we have not been able to avoid the temptation so we ordered some chocolate without sugar from this site. They also have a natural blueberry jam also without added sugars and we thought that it could be great to eat with our meat dishes as a healthy dressing proposal. As on other occasions, the Ecospain team wants to reward the loyalty of its customers by offering them on the occasion of Black Friday up to a 10 percent discount on some products. Ecological nuts or pâtés are ideal for our Christmas snacks.
  5. Natura: we could not miss one of our favorite stores in this list. They do not sell healthy food but they sell everything necessary to create a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy our favorite menus in the best company. Blankets and candles, very comfortable cushions and super relaxing incenses. Although they have guaranteed us that they will make discounts for Black Friday, they have not confirmed the percentage. We will have to be careful!

As fast as Black Friday arrives, it ends so do not miss the opportunity to get the products that will help you look prettier inside and out from next year. 2018 is just around the corner!

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