Jumpsuits for the gym

Did you know that jumpsuits have their origin even before the golden 20’s? As in Believe Athletics we want you to always train in trend, we have rescued their initial use and we have combined it with their most current application. What do we mean by this? We have focused our attention in both, trends and history and … we have decided that 2018 is the year to wear jumpsuits in the gym!

Why a jumpsuit?

At the beginning it was a sports garment, in fact the paratroopers used it. In the 20s, in Italy, a designer tried to establish it as a uniform of the bourgeoisie but the garment itself was such an innovation that his design eventually became popular among the upper classes. Later, two Russian dressmakers wanted to do the same as the Italian guy but after his failure, the garment returned to Italy and there, the designer Elsa Schiaparelli created the first fashion jumpsuit. Its evolution was interrupted by war but in the 60s the popularity became again huge, that is why Yves Saint-Laurent and Norma Kamali included the jumpsuit in their collections.

Making of

We wanted to create a comfortable fashion jumpsuit that we can wear to the gym. That’s why the Battu Jumpsuit was born: with a jazzy strappy back and square neckline. Made in seamless technology for comfort and slightly compressive fabric to enhance the female silhouette. Its Skinlife Technology with silver particles inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.

How do we wear it?

Few accessories are needed for this jumpsuit because it is made to suit you as if you were a dancer. But, how about a jacket like our Practice Jacket and a pair of black trainers? We prefer to bet on a total black look so that everyone can focus his or her attention in our jumpsuit. With a low bow you will put the icing on your outfit, no doubt. You can also choose a braid to give your style a more romantic look.

Elisa García Faya for Believe Athletics

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