Morning Thoughts: How Are They Affecting Your Life

Waking up everyday in the right mood will put you out into the world in the right spirit, and your day will flow effortlessly. The impact it has on you, both physically and mentally, is very powerful.

Our brains tend to be extremely receptive in the morning, therefore, the first thoughts that go through our minds when we wake up are extremely important. What do you think? Is it “Oh damn it’s  too late!”? That is not the best way to start your day as you’ll be jumping out of the bed and straight into nervousness and stress.

Right after waking up, while you shower, you eat breakfast or you dress up, your brain starts asking questions, these questions can be of no use or even detrimental for you: What do I have to finish today? Why am I so tired? Why did I stay up late? Why are the kids not ready yet? Where are my keys?

Instead of being flushed with a stream of useless or even negative thoughts that won’t serve you, try to ask yourself the following questions:

 What are the 3 things I am grateful for today?

↠ What do I want to achieve today?
Other tricks to start your day in a more peaceful, quiet way are:

↠ Don’t turn on your phone, computer or TV after waking up. Stuffing your brain with so much information overload right when you wake up can’t possibly be healthy.


↠ Listen to uplifting or relaxing music. Music will help you to be in good mood and more receptive.


Try this for 10 days in a row and see how you feel.

If you can feel how these small changes can make an impact in your day, keep tuned for our upcoming post on “Morning Rituals” that will bring your morning practice and hence your days to a whole new level.

–  Believe Team.


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