Our favorites for Valentine’s Day

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, one of our favourite days in the year. Many people think  they have no one to celebrate it with but, honestly, would you like to know what do we think? They are wrong. We all need self-love and if we thought about it for a minute, we surely find someone we already know who would not reject our love if we were willing to give them.

That is why, in order to help you to materialize part of that huge love that you have inside and that is mostly shown by acts, we have made a selection of garments, which you can give, or treat yourself this holiday. Keep reading!

Attitude Crop Top in Arctic Blue: Do you know that blue is the colour of serenity? When we play sports it is essential that we feel calm to reduce the feeling of fatigue. This way, following the exercise becomes effortless!

Present Leggings in Arctic Blue: In order to perfectly combine the crop top that we have just talked about, we want to include in our list these 7/8 leggings that are for your figure like a second skin. We love them because they are seamless and high waisted, and that make us feel comfortable and safe at all times.

Feel Bra in Berry: If you are one of those who, like us, like to comply with the traditions and not miss one, maybe your ideal option is this reversible bra without seams with strips on the neckline.

Flow leggings in Berry: you can combine your top with these long leggings that, as with the Present (7/8) to be high waist stylize your body.

Clear tank in Berry: if you prefer to warm up a bit more now that this cold wave is not making you miss the summer, bet on this top to complete the set.

Any of these garments combines perfectly with a black gym bag and matching trainers. In addition, all the items could work for the pre and post training moments. We hope you liked our ideas! Treat yourself now! We will be waiting for you in our e-shop!

Elisa García Faya for Believe Athletics

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