Regina’s Easter Essentials

Easter holidays are just around the corner and Regina, our founder, has already selected her staples for the getaway. Versatile sport garments are never missing in her luggage, so she’s chosen a series of clothes that are both suitable for practicing and taking long and relaxed strolls. A mother of three, she’ll combine family time with physical activity while setting aside some moments for unwinding with yoga and meditation. If you are in a similar situation, stay with us throughout this post, as we are going to show you nine garments and accessories that can be staples for any busy mum during family getaways.

The look

In order to optimize luggage space, Regina likes to pack clothes that are versatile and can be used for different purposes. Since she is traveling to the Pyrenees this Easter, she wants to benefit from its beautiful morning sunrises and start her days with morning outdoor yoga sessions. “It’s a pleasure to wake up filling your lungs with clean and fresh air,” she says. Our Boho Leggings, with its velvety warm inside are the perfect choice for outside practices and can get you straight from yoga to yummy shared family breakfasts. Regina combines these leggings with the always versatile Practice Jacket. “What I like the most is how flattering its ribbed sleeves are,” she says.

After a nutritious breakfast, it’s time to take a long walk around Puigcerda with family & friends. All she needs to do is add the Black Swan Vest to the ensemble and she is ready to go, this neoprene vest is the ideal accessory for spring chilly days.

The accessories

To complete her look, Regina has chosen one of the handbags from her favorite brand, DeMellier. This is the Zurich model, inside, a book is hidden: Running without Injuries by Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer. A tiny bottle of Giorgio Armani’s “Si” perfume is always in her purse, the sweet smell helps to make her feel at home wherever she goes. Sunscreen is a must, as UV rays may damage your skin even in the cloudiest days. She favors Heliocare Ultra Gel with SPF 90for its non-greasy texture which blends perfectly with the skin, even under makeup.Sunglasses are also a good idea, and she likes to take with her different options. Last but not least, consider a tiny candle: she likes to carry a Joe Malone travel candle in Pomegrenate Noir, a little luxury that has the power to transform any room into the perfect setting for a little meditation with its spicy scent.

We would like to know what do you have in your luggage. Regina is convinced that, although she is always cautious, there may be something that she forgets. At Believe Athletics, we would love to learn about your essentials. Leave us your comments and enjoy your Easter Break! 

Elisa García Faya for Believe Athletics

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