We Wrap Your Xmas Wishes!

At this wonderful time of the year, when everyone brings out their best, details matter. It makes us feel good to wrap with care, love and dedication the desire of making someone happy with a garment or an object that we know they will like. The warm lights of the city, the cold, and the scarves or the toasts with champagne. At this wonderful time of year, which is Christmas time.

Believe Athletics is itself a gift. Every time a client makes an order, it is a gift for us. It means that a woman, who trusts the brand, has decided to take care of herself. That she has found a place in her schedule to dedicate to herself. That is what Believe Athletics pursues and that is why each order is an achievement for us. This gift that you give us with every single one of your purchases is materialized in the love with which we wrap the clothes you ask us for. They might be for you, for a friend, for a relative, it doesn’t really matter … Last week we were especially happy because a boy asked us for an embroidery service for a couple of garments. Maybe we were feeling excited because we imagine the love story behind it. That is what makes us grow every day.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 19.27.24“Make every day count” is the message written in the boxes that you receive at home and it is the quote that keeps us alive. The silk that covers each top, each legging … is the reflection of the care we put in keeping your desires alive and also your willingness to dedicate a daily time to your body. With the handwritten note that we include in your packages, we want to show you that we are here for you, that we want to support you in the way of loving you a little more each day. The elegance of the black color of the box you receive shows that every detail counts. We want to make you feel special.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 19.33.24This Christmas, give and give yourself a present. You do not have to worry about anything. Your only worry is to decide which garment you like the most. We take care of the rest. We want to take advantage of this post to wish you a Merry Christmas. To remind you that in life every minute counts and that we want to make you feel like an authentic princess. BE HAPPY.

Discover by this short video how do we work to make you feel as we’ve described:

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