It all started with the search for the perfect running bra in 2015.

We are runners who simply couldn’t find in a highly technical bra, specifically designed for maximum support, which was pretty enough to be worn by itself. Many women are running in inappropriate bras, completely unaware about the irreparable damage to which they are exposing their bodies.

We did our research, talked with medical experts and started to develop a technical bra. We're still working on this exciting project and expect to have our bra available soon.

In the process though, we realised that this wasn’t just a sports bra issue, in fact most sport brands were led by men who didn’t understand women’s bodies needs, and women’s technical clothes were simply created as an extension to their men’s lines. Why is that relevant? Well, our bodies are simply different, we have different needs and different shapes.

We believe that leading an active, healthy life is key to live a happy existence. And, we deserve to do so in clothing that has been conceived with us in mind from the very first step.

Body, mind & soul



We’ve created a range of garments with you in mind from the beginning. We’ve done a thorough research to find the most technologically advanced fabrics (all made in Europe) and brought them to factories in Portugal that have the latest technologies available to offer you only the best.


We also dreamt of creating a company that makes women stronger around the world. That’s why every time you purchase a garment you will be helping a girl in rural India. Through our affiliation with Dharma Life, every time you buy a garment we will be providing a sanitary kit to a girl in rural India with toiletries and educational material for having safe menstrual habits.

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Regina & Marisol, Founders of Believe Athletics.