Our collaboration with Dharma Life

We dreamt of creating a company that makes women stronger around the world. That’s why every time you purchase a garment you will be helping a girl in rural India. Through our association with Dharma Life, every time you buy a garment we will be providing a sanitary kit to a girl in rural India with toiletries and educational material for having safe menstrual habits - "Making Periods Normal" campaign.

Who is Dharma Life?

Is an ONG and his mission is to provide every home in every village with products and services that will enhance the quality of life, while empowering local entrepreneurs to create a sustainable livelihood.

Dharma Life creates social impact through entrepreneurship by providing solutions that enhance the quality of life at the BoP through empowering entreprenuers that enables access to the last mile.By 2020, we aim to reach 50 million people, through a network of 100,000 Dharma Life entrepreneurs, comprising of 50% women entrepreneurs.


VISITA SU PÁGINA WEB: http://www.dharma.net.in/