Our Committment

We also dreamt of creating a company that makes women stronger around the world. That’s why every time you purchase a garment you will be helping a girl in rural India. Through our affiliation with Dharma Life, every time you buy a garment we will be providing a sanitary kit with toiletries and educational material for having safe menstrual habits. (This kit is intended to help and make women aware of the importance that carrying safe hygiene habits during their periods has to their health – taboo subject in the rural India).


¿What is Dharma Life?

It is an association whose mission is to provide to every home in Indian villages with products and services that improve the quality of life of citizens and thus achieve a sustainable livelihood.

Dharma Life creates a social impact through entrepreneurship by providing solutions that improve the quality of life of Indian citizens. By 2020, it aims to reach 50 million people, through a network of 100,000 Dharma Life entrepreneurs.

“Educate, motivate, reinforce, celebrate”

Among its projects, those that are focused on women and their social integration stand out. The normalization of something as natural and basic as the menstrual period is crucial and including it in the women´s education and the education of those around them was something totally inconceivable until now.

Through the knowledge and understanding of this biological facet of women, Dharma Life Association works for its normalization by illustrating with images, practical lessons and explanations, the procedure to be followed to stop the pains of the cycle, as well as the hygienic care needed to be comfortable with it. Likewise, it encourages the strengthening of relations between women, especially between mothers and daughters, so that they can speak openly about the subject and be able to help each other.

Visit their website: www.dharma.net.in