In October 2015 we had the dream of creating a company that provided beautiful technical clothing with a feminine cut and impeccable quality.

Today, our garments are crafted locally: pieces that you can use over and over again and stay practically new, reducing environment waste and improving your workout experience.

Behind the clothes, what we really are, is just a group of women that want to spread the message that we are all capable of so much more than we BELIEVE. Let's lead an active lifestyle, fight for our dreams, believe in ourselves and become our best version. It’s never too late to do it.

After more than 2 years into this adventure, we have been blessed with a star team that strives everyday to give their best, working together to offer you products that inspire the amazing woman that lives in you.

After all, we design clothes with the sole purpose to make you feel beautiful, to make you feel capable, easing your way into the mat or workout every day.

We don’t feel like this is a job anymore, we practice meditation in the mornings, enjoy Tuesday yoga sessions in the office, and welcome every single one of you who wants to hang out in our office to have a look at the clothes or just drink a cup of hot tea with us and share your experiences.

Thank you for your support and for being a continuous source of inspiration.Regina & Marisol

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The Technology

Our Training products have been crafted using Sensitive fabrics.

Sensitive® Fabrics is a well-known brand in the technical fabric sector. It is recognised the world over as synonymous with the quality and excellence of “Made in Italy”.

Our training leggings are made in Sensitive® SCULPT, a fabric that sculpts the body reshaping the silhouette and supporting muscle stimulating blood flow.

We specialise in seamless garments. Seamless technology is technically designed to offer comfort and avoid chafing while allowing the garment to move with the body in every direction thanks to its 4-way stretching construction.

All our seamless yoga products have been crafted using Meryl Hydrogen Yarns. Meryl Hydrogen is a premium microfiber finer than cashmere that offers a supremely soft touch and ultimate absorption. Developed as a luxury performance yarn, it has outstanding properties engineered into the filaments without the need for any topical chemical additives.

The Meryl yarns we use feature de Meryl® Skinlife technology with silver micro particles inserted at molecular level; this ensures that no bacteria can grow in the textile thus maintaining the natural balance of the skin and reducing unpleasant odours.

Odor Control
Moisture Management
Extreme Softness
Body Adaptability

Believe Inside: The Team

Meet our amazing team. They are the ones that make it possible.



Art Director



Office Operations Manager










Responsible Commitment Dharma Life

We also dreamt of creating a company that makes women stronger around the world. That’s why every time you purchase a garment you will be helping a girl in rural India. Through our affiliation with Dharma Life, every time you buy a garment we will be providing a sanitary kit with toiletries and educational material for having safe menstrual habits. (This kit is intended to help and make women aware of the importance that carrying safe hygiene habits during their periods has to their health –a subject that is taboo in the rural India).

What is Dharma Life Foundation? Dharma Life Foundation, is an organisation, that delivers quality products and services for social impact and drives comprehensive social development, through its rural entrepreneur network across India. It starts by inspiring and preparing rural youth and women to become entrepreneurs. This human network of entrepreneurs builds trust and respect within the community, which allows them to go beyond delivery of products to rally community involvement for social development.

By 2020, Dharma Life Foundation aims to reach 50 million people, through a network of 100,000 Dharma Life entrepreneurs.

Among its projects, those that are focused on women and their social integration stand out. The normalization of something as natural and basic as the menstrual period is crucial and including it in the women ́s education and the education of those around them was something totally inconceivable until now.

Through the knowledge and understanding of this biological facet of women, Dharma Life Foundation works for its normalization by illustrating with images, practical lessons and explanations, the procedure to be followed to stop the pains of the cycle, as well as the hygienic care needed to be comfortable with it. Likewise, it encourages the strengthening of relations between women, especially between mothers and daughters, so that they can speak openly about the subject and be able to help each other.